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There are many benefits to Karndean flooring. These include its durability, scratch resistance, easy cleaning, and 22 different variations. You can use it anywhere, and the versatility of colors, patterns, and designs will help you decorate your space with ease. Despite being practical and scratch-resistant, Karndean also offers a soft, warm, and easy-to-clean surface. What’s more, unlike stone or wood flooring, it’s also easier to maintain.


Durable Karndean flooring is an ideal option for people looking for a luxurious floor. The material is made of five layers and is highly durable. It has the same properties as other vinyl products and is also resistant to wear and tear. Durable Karndean flooring is similar to the durability of vinyl floors but offers a luxurious look. It is a durable flooring option that is waterproof and easy to clean. It is also very hardwearing, which makes it a great option for a high-end home.

Unlike other types of flooring, Karndean has the advantage of being quieter. It is far quieter than ceramic or stone flooring, but still warmer than ceramic tiles. This means that it is suitable for homes with underfloor heating systems. But before you install Karndean, make sure to seek professional help. Besides, it’s not available at big box stores. The durability of Karndean flooring makes it a great choice for both interior and exterior floors.


Whether you are renovating your home or looking to replace your current floor covering, Karndean is a great option for scratch-resistant floors. This durable material doesn’t scratch easily and is very easy to clean. The surface has a protective film to protect it from heavy objects. You can also get the surface treated with a special coating to prevent scratches. These coatings are usually more expensive than regular flooring. Weathered designs are also scratch-resistant, and can hide minor scuffs.

Another benefit to Karndean flooring is its flexibility. It is softer and more flexible than wood or laminate alternatives. It also won’t curl or shrink. And unlike laminate flooring, it won’t delaminate if it comes into contact with water. If you are worried about scratches on your new floor, you should consider hiring a professional to install it for you. They have experience in installing floor coverings and can offer you expert advice on how to maintain them for years to come.

Easy to clean

In order to ensure that your Karndean flooring is always looking its best, you should buy cleaning products, such as Karndean cleaner, from the store you bought the flooring from. If you don’t want to buy cleaning products in person, you can also purchase them online. You can get Karndean cleaning products at cheaper prices online than you would from offline retailers. In order to clean your Karndean flooring, you can mix a paste of baking soda and water and apply it on the surface. Let the paste dry and then vacuum it away.

Compared to traditional flooring, Karndean is easy to clean and doesn’t harbour any dirt or grime. You can clean it as often as you like, as long as you follow the easy-to-follow cleaning instructions. First, you need to sweep away loose dirt. Next, you need to mop the surface with Karndean Clean, a pH neutral cleaner that kills germs and bacteria on the surface.

Available in 22 variations

Depending on your budget, Karndean flooring is available in either a single, or a series of three, or more different types. You can choose from timeless wood varieties, or bold patterns, or a combination of both. The flooring is available in a wide variety of sizes and is easy to install with glue-down or LooseLay methods. Additionally, it is available in acoustic underlayment, which can improve comfort levels and reduce noise.

Prices vary greatly among varieties. While the most expensive variant costs $9 per square foot, there are lower-cost options available for those on a tight budget. Both varieties are durable, and proper care will make them last a lifetime. Karndean flooring is not a household name in the United States, but it has been popular with British homebuyers for over 40 years. As of late, it has been gradually making its way into the U.S. marketplace.

Lifetime guarantee

While Pergo is well-known for its laminate flooring, Karndean is one of the best options for homeowners looking for more durability. Their line of LVP includes the Art Select collection, which features a 30-mil wear layer. This type of flooring can replicate wood-floor patterns and comes with a lifetime warranty. The two brands are comparable in price, but the former is higher-quality and is known for its low VOC content.

The tile-based flooring from Karndean is built to last a lifetime, making it an excellent choice for heavy-duty residential applications. It is also easy to repair and replace individual tiles if needed. The Lifetime Warranty and the Lifetime Guarantee provide peace of mind for homeowners and builders. In addition, Karndean flooring is available at unbeatable prices. And with its lifetime residential and commercial warranty, you’ll never have to worry about spending a fortune on replacement tiles.

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