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Gem TV is an Iranian entertainment satellite channel. The headquarters are located in Istanbul, Turkey, and the channel started its work in 2006. The company is a subsidiary of GEM Group, which was formed in 2001. It has channels in a variety of languages. While it primarily broadcasts Iranian television shows, it also produces and distributes content for other countries.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a fantasy television series with classic elements. It features intense action scenes, tragic loss, and twists and turns. It is suitable for young and old alike. The series stars Lisa Henson, Jim Henson’s daughter.

In this series, we meet a group of heroes who stand up to power-hungry overlords who are robbing the world of Thra of its life essence. Unlike in the original film, this series features superb voice acting and set design.

The Resistance have won the first battle, but they are doomed to lose the war. Meanwhile, the Heretic and the Wanderer have plans to tell the Crystal story through puppetry. As the Resistance is surrounded by enemy forces, they must find the Dark Crystal and bring it to the Citadel. They will be aided by the Gelfling clans, who join forces with the Resistance.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is an excellent introduction to the fantasy genre. It contains the familiar storytelling beats but also includes little moments of reflection and exploration of new locales and cultures. In addition, the series’ characters are incredibly lifelike. This is a rare gem in the fantasy genre.

Despite the ominous nature of the Skeksis, Rian manages to escape with his essence. The Skeksis also blame the Gelflings for stealing the Crystal. Nevertheless, Rian is able to escape with the Gelflings’ life essence. Throughout the series, Rian has escaped and saved the lives of many people.


Canadian broadcaster CBC has greenlit the 10-episode half-hour drama series Fakes, starring Emilija Baranac, Richard Harmon, Jennifer Tong, and Richard Harmon. The show follows two teenage friends who accidentally create a successful fake ID business. The series will air on CBC in Canada and Gem Tv Serial in the rest of the world. The show’s creator, David Turko, is serving as showrunner, with help from Tabia Lau.

The show’s story is based on a true story, although the main character, Howard Ratner, is a fictional character. The character is loosely based on director Josh Safdie’s father, Howard Ratner, who worked as a runner in the diamond district. However, the series features a black opal from Africa, which is fictional. Also, a superstitious NBA player is fictional. In addition, the show is based on events that occurred eight years ago, including a seventh game of the Eastern Conference Semifinal series in 2012.

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