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The world has been moving towards complete digitization as our phones, computers, tabs, etc., keep getting better. Social media and all other forms of entertainment have also seen a major shift from the old cable TV network to streaming platforms. The same can be said for music. The shift from physical to digital is undeniably a fact. Downloadable streaming platforms (DSPs) such as Apple Music, SoundCloud, Pandora and Spotify have cemented themselves as giants when it comes to streaming music.

This in itself presents people with the choice and possibility of earning revenue from DSPs. Spotify, too, presents people with the opportunity to not just utilize their platform to have their music available to the mass but also to be able to capitalize from it.

Here are a few ways you should be able to make money on Spotify.

Understand Royalties and the Role of Distributors

If you are a musician that wishes to monetize from Spotify, you will most likely have to learn and understand the function of distributors and also learn about royalties and how it affects your income.

To make things simple, royalties from the master rights in the form of income from streams that generate income go directly to your distributor. There is no further distribution of money between Spotify, your distributor and you if you self-release your music (be it a single or an album).

The other form of royalty income is from mechanical reproduction or performance rights. In this form of income, the money is split several ways to pay not only the distributor but also to others who have contributed to the song. This could extend to people who were involved in roles such as songwriting, composer, lyrists, publisher, etc. The money in this form of income is generally collected by a collection society (also known as the performing rights organization) such as the BMI (US), PRS (UK), GEMA (DE), SACEM (FR), SGAE (ES) OR SUISA. With the advent of streaming, the addition of private streams is included in the overall sale and revenue generation.

A good rule of thumb would be to understand which of the two categories of royalties you fall in and then apply for the correct one before proceeding. We would like to remind you that the role of distributors is that of a middle man who acts as an intermediator between the DSP and the artist, i.e., you.

Using Spotify Analytics

Another great way to earn through Spotify is through the use of its analytics option. If, as an artist, you plan to tour, using Spotify’s analytics would lend great help towards planning a roadmap of where to go. Within this feature, you have a tab called the audience tab, through which you can see a breakdown of the top cities, towns, or countries in which your music is popular. Once you have an idea of where your music is heard more often, the planning for the tour, the strategy involved for marketing and sales, and promotion for the tour can be taken forward.

Concert Promotions

Artists have the option to promote their tours, gigs and concert on Spotify. You can reach out to your audience by signing up with Songkick, then entering your tour dates and syncing it with your Spotify for Artists profile. Songkick is a platform that has been tied up with Spotify to show listeners about their favourite artist’s concerts and tours with the option to book tickets for the show in their area. All of this is done while they listen to your music on their Spotify. There is also a concert tab available for your listeners to click on and learn about your upcoming shows.

Other services such as Songkick are – Ticketmaster, Eventbrite and AXS.


Artists generally sell merchandise while touring. Merchandise here would include things like posters, t-shirts, vinyl, etc. Artists can sell their merchandise on Spotify as an additional source of income by signing up with MerchBar. MerchBar is a service provider that has tied up with Spotify to allow artists to sell merchandise directly to fans. After signing up and creating your account on MerchBar, you will need to add your inventory and then connect your Spotify for Artists profile. Your followers should be able to view the merchandise you’re selling on your Spotify profile. If they wish to buy it, they will be redirected to MerchBar to proceed to buy your merchandise.


If you aren’t a musician, don’t worry, you can still earn via Spotify. You can do this by creating playlists and collaborating with artists. You could approach emerging artists and charge a fixed rate to add their track to your playlist and publish it. We would like to remind you that in doing so, Spotify itself does not send you money. Rather, it is an agreement between artists and you. You are liable to uphold your end of the bargain and be committed to it. You can use platforms such as PlaylistPush to make the process easier.

Generating income from streaming platforms are becoming the norm in modern times. Using the tips above could benefit you if you’re an aspiring musician or even someone who isn’t a musical artist. While that might be one source of income, we would like to bring GGBet and GGBet bonus code to your attention. GGBet is an online casino platform that players can sign up to and play online casino games place bets on sports, live sports and esports. GGBet has numerous promotions on its platform for players. Unwind from the stress of being a music artist or playlist curator by signing up with them at ggbet slot and availing of the GGBet bonus code today!

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