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The csTimer is a great timer that adjusts to your screen size so you can solve the Rubiks Cube in a fraction of the time. But what about touchscreens and mice? We’ll cover those in a bit. Read on to find out what makes a cube timer good for speedsolving. Moreover, you’ll learn about the differences between these tools.


The CSTimer rubiks cube time tool is easy to use and comes with several features. Its unique features include the ability to record from the stackmat timer, manually input the solve time, and connect to a bluetooth smart cube. It also allows you to save your solves and import them from up to 10 previous backups. You can customize the timer settings to suit your needs, as well as display the time in milliseconds.

YJ Pocket Timer

The YJ Pocket Timer is an excellent timer for Rubik’s cubes. It records how long it takes to solve a puzzle and provides multiple solve times for each cube size. The infrared sensor detects your hands as they approach the cube, and the timer will begin when your hands are four centimeters away from the sides of the cube. The YJ Pocket Timer is easy to use, and has a convenient interface that is both functional and intuitive.


If you’ve ever participated in a speedcube competition, you’ve probably wondered whether you should invest in a rubiks cube timer. This device allows you to keep track of the time that you take to solve a rubiks cube by placing both hands on it. The timer begins and ends when you remove your hands from the cube. Some speedcube competitions even use this timer.

Stackmat Pro Generation 3

The Stackmat Pro Timer is a high quality timer that measures and displays cube solve times to a thousandth of a second. This cube solve timer comes with a data port for connecting to a computer or display, and also has a memory feature for storing cube solve times. It comes with pre-installed batteries and works by activating a stripe of white paper placed across the surface of the cube.


The QQTimer rubiks cuve timer is an excellent tool for speedsolving mechanical puzzles. The timer can be customized, and includes a sound feature and training settings. If you’re a newcomer, you can also use the program’s visualization features to help you solve the cube faster. The resources offered by QQTimer are perfect for both the novice and experienced cuber.


The Stackmat is the official timer of SpeedStacks competitions and is the standard in the World Cube Association. There are four different versions available. The first generation features touch sensitive pads built into the mat, while the second generation has pads that are raised above the mat. Regardless of which model you choose, they’re sure to help you keep track of time. Here’s an overview of each.

YJ Timer

A good timer for Rubiks cubes is important if you’re looking to keep track of progress. YJ’s timers have an output port and are easy to use. This timer is compatible with all 3D cubes, including the 3x3x3 cube. Its simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to use and understand. Its timer is easy to set and is great for beginners and experienced cube enthusiasts alike.

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